July 29, 2017

Sample and mix your own loose herbal teas at the Creative Wellness Gathering Station, a community engagement initiative designed by Queens-based artist Shervone Neckles.

The Creative Wellness Gathering Station addresses the health and wellness issues that directly affect the community in which it is stationed. Through conversation and sampling of herbs, Creative Wellness Gathering Station channels the knowledge and wisdom of the local community to recall remedies and natural methods used to heal and cure everyday ailments. Through interactive demonstrations that explore the origin, multi-purpose and mixing techniques of the herbs displayed and offered, participants will be able to identify at least one applicable method and create their own herbal mix to support their individual wellness needs.
Image details: Creative Wellness Gathering Station: Jamaica, Queens, NY | June 3, 2017 Photo by Rashiida Richardson.

Location: Outside CG-91 on the grass. Room CG-91 is in the C building at Kings County Hospital, 451 Clarkson Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11203. The entrance is located near E. 37th Street and Clarkson Avenue. Subway: 2, 5 to Winthrop Street

Access & Inclusion: To request information regarding accessibility or accommodations, email access@nolongerempty.org or call (917) 426-2666.