August 29, 2018

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Artist Laura Anderson Barbata’s Ocean Blues, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Jumbiesinvites audiences to acknowledge our intersecting identities and to celebrate and honor them by changing behaviors to protect our oceans. 

Combining stilt dancing, procession, ritual, improvisation and audience interaction, Ocean Blues unfolds in an urban environment highly dependent on the health of the oceans, even though it may not be overtly obvious to our urban communities.

The performance is inspired by all the forms of life that make the ocean their home, in particular the extraordinary bioluminescent sea creatures that live in the least explored depths of our ocean and have the gift of creating their own light. Ocean Blues is a reminder that we must bring light to the crisis impacting our oceans, and draw attention to the urgent need to elevate and change the values and practices of private industry, policy and our own personal choices; to address responsibly sustainable development goals set by the United Nations (SDG14).

This performance is organized in conjunction with Mel Chin: Wake & Unmoored, which calls attention to Climate Change with a sculpture and mixed reality piece on Times Square.