January 17, 2015

The Way Out Is Through is a multidisciplinary exhibition that addresses the shifting landscape of urban environments.  The works explore narratives of belonging, public space, and nostalgia—challenging what it means to belong to a community and our connectedness to shared memories of a neighborhood. 
Curated by Leticia Gutierrez, Ladi’Sasha Jones, Kirstin Kapustik, Zena Koo, Kenneth Paranada, and Maurizzio Hector Pineda.
Featured artists are Peggy Buth, Raquel Cepeda, Free Breakfast Program, Paloma McGregor, Akeema-Zane, Nicko Nogués, Kyla Marshell, Mark Salvatus, and Phan V.

Saturday, January 17 | 6PM

Breakfast for Dinner with the Free Breakfast Program
Inquiries | thewayoutisthrough2015@gmail.comLocation | LeRoy Neiman Art Center, 2785 Frederick Douglass Boulevard

NLE Curatorial Lab convenes six emerging curators to curate an exhibition employing site-specific and community-responsive practice.