Behind The Scenes Artist Studio Tours

Join NLE on a behind-the-scenes curatorial tour for our upcoming exhibition as part of InResponse: Immigration. Enjoy intimate one-on-one conversations with both established and emerging artists in their studios, private tours of their exhibitions and visit unique cultural gems in either The Bronx or the Lower East Side. Participating artists include, Guadalupe Maravilla, Ronny Quevedo, Blanka Amezkua, Felipe Baeza, Elia Alba, and others. 

InResponse: Immigration is the first of an ongoing series that is creating a place of public advocacy, inquiry and reflection, strengthening our common understanding of the most immediate social issues and clarifying ways in which the cultural community can actively respond and act as allies.

For details and pricing or costs to participate please contact Director of Public Engagement Raquel de AndaAll proceeds go towards supporting NLE’s future InResponse Exhibition and free public programs.


Guadalupe Maravilla, Shrine for the Undocumented Children, Mixed Media Sculpture, 2018 ©Guadalupe Maravilla

Ronny Quevedo, no hay medio tiempo / there is no halftime, 2017, Queens Museum, Photo: Argenis Apolinario

Blanka Amezkua embroidering in her studio, Photo: Rene Valdez

AAA3A tables, Photo: Blanka Amezkua