Congratulations to NLE Lab Curator Mary Kay Judy (Intersecting Imaginaries, 2015) on receiving a New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grant for her project Reversible Monuments: Historic Environment as Contemporary Medium. 
The project focuses on the phenomenon of contemporary artists using historic architecture, infrastructure, and streetscapes as their primary artistic medium, as opposed to solely places of art installation or exhibition.  The criteria for Reversible Monuments is that the works be temporary, reversible and designed in such a way that no materials, means nor methods leave a lasting impact, and all inevitably highlight the historic resource’s most enduring and significant features. 
Mary Kay will research and identify case studies in the United States and abroad, interview artists, property owners and stewards, funders and other Reversible Monuments stakeholders. Preliminary case studies identified include Discovering Columbus by Tatzu Nishi; Unframed by JR; A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby by Kara Walker; Veil by Fujiko Nakaya; and Constellation by Melissa McGill.
Mary Kay is a practicing architectural conservator and historic preservation consultant. Inspired by her experience in NLE Lab, she has been exploring the unique intersection and increasing coexistence of contemporary art and cultural heritage.
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