Curated by Shlomit Dror, Almost Home: Between Staying and Leaving a Phantom Land, "examines the roles of the foreigner and the local, the transient and the native, inviting questions about relation to place, and exploring the different realities dislocation engenders. This exhibition highlights subject matter derived from perceptions of foreignness and familiarity, conjuring such questions as: How do we observe places and on what do we base our impressions? Does personal identity, memory and history determine one’s relation to a place as much or more than the experience of change? And finally, how do others observe our surroundings, and alternatively, how do we view the places of others?" 
Almost Home: Between Staying and Leaving a Phantom Land features the work of: Wafaa Bilal, Keren Benbenisty, Juanli Carrión, Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde, Claudia Joskowicz, Ayesha Kamal Kahn, Dana Levy, Esperanza Mayobre, Elham Rokni, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky. 
The exhibition opens at Dorsky Gallery on Sunday, May 7, with an opening from 2-5pm, and will be on view through July 16. 
Shlomit Dror is a curator working in New York. She has organized group exhibitions including: In Her Eyes: Women Behind and in Front of the Camera (Newark Museum, 2012), F_ll in the Bl_nk (NARS Foundation, 2013), Ready or Not: 2014 New Jersey Arts Annual (Newark Museum, 2014), Seeing through Abstraction (Residency Unlimited, 2015), Story of A Story (Smack Mellon, 2015), Esther Naor: The Object is Present (A.I.R Gallery, 2015), and Partner in Crime (Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University, 2016). Dror received an MA in Museum Studies from New York University and a BA in Art History and Latin American Studies from Bard College. She took part in Independent Curators International’s (ICI) Curatorial Intensive program and the Fall 2013 NLE Curatorial Lab.
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