Ed García Conde


Ed García Conde is a social media consultant and successful blogger. Working as a real estate appraiser since 1998 has enabled him to become fluent about the histories of the five boroughs of New York City as well as the current social and cultural transitions of these areas. A lifetime resident of Melrose in the South Bronx, García Conde has dedicated himself to social and environmental justice issues, which affect the neighborhood and the Bronx. Unhappy with mainstream media’s negative coverage of Melrose, the South Bronx, and the Bronx in general, he created websites to share the history and beauty of these neighborhoods and discuss with followers the issues that challenge the community, giving a voice to an otherwise voiceless neighborhood. His blog Welcome2TheBronx has become the most widely read and recognized Bronx blog (250,000 monthly visitors and a social media reach of 1.5 – 2 million weekly). Most recently, García Conde and Welcome2TheBronx received the distinction of being awarded New York City’s Historic District Council ‘Friend In the Media Grassroots Award’ in 2015. www.welcome2thebronx.com