Michael Tonge


Michael Tonge is the co-founder of The Culture LP and Senior Marketing Manager of the Brooklyn Museum, in the borough that he’s called home his entire life. Bringing to the table close to a decade of experience in operations, media, and arts marketing, he instills a sense of passion and purpose in every project he touches. Professionally, he got his start in operations at J.P. Morgan, before pivoting to the world of advertising. Leveraging innovative technology and cultural insight was a core component of his client projects for the likes of Cole Haan, Little Bits, Cafe Bustelo, Macy’s, J.M. Smucker, GE, and more. However, in his latest role, his skillset as a marketing professional and passion for the arts has truly joined forces. He led the promotional efforts for David Bowie is which drew in over 275,000 visitors to the exhibition, receiving press from Adweek, Fast Company, and more for the innovative partnership with lead sponsor, Spotify. As a member of the World Economic Forum’s, Global Shapers initiative, Michael leads a project called “Art + Life Immersion” that exposes dozens of young people to professional and personal advice from members of the community through programming and mentorship at the Brooklyn Museum. Michael is also on the Advisory Board for The Society for Scientific Advancement.

Though he wears many hats, he is best described as a forward-thinking cultural curator. You can read more about him here: Jet Magazine, Fast Company, Black Enterprise, USA Today, and Striver’s Row.