Rivka Saker

Board Member

Rivka Saker is Senior Director of Sotheby’s International in Israel. She has been with Sotheby’s since 1982, when she established Sotheby’s first office in Israel. In 1994 she became Managing Director of Sotheby’s Israel and Senior Director of Sotheby’s Europe. In May 2006 she was appointed Chairman of Sotheby’s Israel. Saker is philanthropically involved with several cultural institutions: the board of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation, Muzot—a school in Jaffa for troubled youth, the Center of Contemporary Art, Doc Aviv, the MFA Program of Bezalel in Tel Aviv, and other art institutions and museums. Since 2003, Rivka has been involved with the Association of Israeli Decorative Arts (AIDA), which helps promote the work of Israeli decorative artists overseas. In 2004 Saker established Artis, the Israeli Contemporary Art Week in New York, a yearly event begun to promote and expose Israeli artists to the art world in North America.